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  ETF Congress Statement on EU-Colombia FTA

The ETF Congress, meeting in Ponta Delgada from 27-29 May 2009 :

Aware that Colombia is the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist and that union activists and members face murder and repression every day.

Aware that the European Union is currently negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with the current regime which allows attacks on union members be treated with impunity.

Declares full solidarity with the Colombian trade union movement including transport unions and supports their call for no Free Trade Agreement to be reached between the EU and the government of Alvaro Uribe without it including a social clause which guarantees freedom of association and has the full support of the Colombian trade union movement.

Call on the ETF, together with the ETUC, to put pressure on the European Commission to oppose the negotiation of any free trade agreement which does not meet the demands of Colombian trade unions.

Calls on the ITF to work closely with its Colombian unions to support their struggle and to raise awareness with its affiliates in Europe about the need to show practical solidarity with unions in Colombia and other countries where trade unionism faces attacks.

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