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  Vota a Repsol YPF hasta el 22 de Mayo para el premio "Climate Greenwash Awards"

Coincidiendo con la reunión (24-26 Mayo, Copenhague) que están montando las grandes empresas sobre el cambio climático para influir en las negociaciones de la ONU de finales de año (COP15, Copenhague), hemos organizado los premios al mejor lavado verde (Greenwash Climate Awards).

Hay 6 empresas nominadas, una de ellas es Repsol YPF. Repsol YPF es la gran desconocida fuera de América Latina y el Estado español, y ya que estos premios tienen sobre todo difusión en Dinamarca y países vecinos, estaría bien conseguir la máxima difusión en la "votación".

La información en la página (www.climategreenwash.org) de los premios está en inglés y danés, pero votar a Repsol YPF es fácil desde la página "vote".

Fecha límite : 22 de mayo de 2009

Climate Greenwash Awards 2009 - vote now against climate fraud !

HELP US... decide who deserves the Climate Greenwash Award 2009

Which company has made the most outrageous claims to be acting to tackle climate change, while continuing to pollute as usual ? Six companies have been nominated - now the public votes to decide who gets the award.

Big business wants to influence this year´s crucial negotiations on a new agreement to tackle climate change. Highlight the gap between their climate rhetoric and the polluting reality and vote in the Climate Greenwash Awards 2009.

The six nominees are : ArcelorMittal, BP, DONG, Repsol, Shell and Vattenfall.

Go to www.climategreenwash.org and vote !

Voting closes on Friday 22nd of May.

Organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, Attac, Klimabevægelsen, KlimaX og NOAH.

Repsol Nominated for greenwashing destruction

Vote for Repsol for the blatant greenwashing of their operations, presenting an image of corporate responsibility towards communities and the environment, while in reality exacerbating the climate crisis, endangering indigenous people and damaging the environment.

Spanish oil and gas company Repsol has expanded rapidly in Latin America. It claims it is “Uniting business and environment”, but the projects highlighted in its World Business Council for Sustainability (WBCSD) profile are isolated attempts to greenwash Repsol’s tarnished image, with little benefit for the environment or local communities.

Repsol’s forestry project in Neuquén, Argentina, for example, is portrayed as contributing to the economic and social development of the region. But this tiny initiative - which has attracted criticism in its own right - is dwarfed by the devastating impact Repsol’s operations in Neuquén have had on the indigenous Mapuche communities who live there. Their health and way of life is under threat and the area has been declared an “environmental emergency” by the UN.

Repsol’s activities in Latin America have attracted widespread local criticism, with operations on indigenous lands and in protected natural areas. The company is accused of collaborating with corrupt governments, financing military forces to protect their operations and at a session in 2008 of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, a body operating under international law, it was found guilty of violating indigenous rights and seriously damaging ecosystems.

Repsol boasts it will cut climate emissions by one million tonnes (CO2 equivalent) by 2012, but intends to offset its emissions through carbon credits and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)5. This allows Repsol to continue business as usual.

Repsol is a keen advocate of agrofuels, using mostly palm oil, canola and soy (which is usually genetically modified). Those agroindustrial monoculture crops have already had devastating impacts on peasants and indigenous communities and exarcebate climate change. Repsol lobbies to promote agrofuels as a green source of fuel, and chaired the European Biofuels Technology Platform (EBFTP) between 2006 and 2008, calling for an EU target of 25% agrofuel use in transport fuel. Repsol also wants to introduce a sustainability certificate to greenwash agrofuels.

Repsol actively lobbies to promote market-based solutions to climate change, allowing business as usual with extra carbon profit as well. Vote for Repsol !

Background information and further reading

In Spanish :

- Informe sobre las actividades de Repsol YPF en América Latina, 2ª Sesión del Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos sobre las políticas neoliberales y las transnacionales europeas en América Latina, Report on Repsol YPF´s activities in Latin America, 2nd session of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal on neoliberal policies and European TNCs in Latin America. Lima, Peru, May 13-16 2008.
- “Repsol YPF, un Discurso Socialmente Irresponsable, un estudio sobre la responsabilidad social corporativa de la multinacional española” ; Agora Nord-Sud, Observatori del Deute en la Globalitzacio, Jesús Carrión y Marc Gavaldá ; September 2007.

In English :

- Repsol YPF Violates Human Rights and Pollutes the Environment. Summary of case brought to the Permanent Peoples´ Tribunal, Lima 2008.
- Repsol Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2007
- Industry pushes 25% agrofuel target with research agenda, Corporate Europe Observatory, April 2008.

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